Characteristics of Pit Pull Puppies


Before you choose a dog for a pet or any other reasons, it is important to know their personality as well as physical characteristics. Pit-pulls are a type of dogs that came about through breeding of bulldogs and terriers and they exist in various varieties. They range from Staffordshire bull terrier to American pit bull terrier as well as American bully. These breeds of dogs remain famous because of their roles as police dogs rescue dogs, soldiers, actors, celebrity pets and television personalities among others.

This kind of dogs is identified with common traits which may vary from one type to another depending on experiences, training, maturity and socialization. There are also differentiated physical appearances to identify real puppy pit bull.

The personality of Pit Bulls.

They are mostly submissive while maintaining their confidence and very affectionate to people, children and even strangers. Obedience is what these dogs are known for with a balance of emotion. They are more likely to seek attention and physical affection. They are characterized by control of anger towards human and a high level of confidence, more like calm and collected. Sensitivity to other dogs is there within this breed but also spreads to other kinds of dogs. Buy american bullies for sale here!

Physical characteristics of dogs.


Whether a puppy or grown dog, the head of a pit bull is square. Loose skin can be noticed around their head as puppies causing them to appear wrinkled but it grows over to the neck and cheeks as they grow. As pups, their ears are pointed but over time they fall forward and remain so if not tampered with. Their faces are mostly white with brown rings around their eyes or brown with white or a blend of both. You may also read further about dogs at


Pit bull puppies can weigh up to ten pounds and range from eight to twelve inches long at birth. Their tails are short as well as their legs but their shoulders are broader with larger chests compared to other puppies of the same age. The features spread out in adulthood.


The skin of pit-bull puppies is usually thick but for an American pit bull puppy, it has bright hair which comes in a variety of colors. The colors of pit bulls can be single or blended in twos or threes ranging from black coffee to blue and pinto tones. Their skin remains thick while the hair changes when they are older. Purchase blue nose pitbull puppies for sale at!


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